Different kinds of advanced Basketball passes

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A baseball pass is a one-handed pass that uses the same motion as a baseball throw. This is often used to make long passes.<br
Be careful with young kids. You don’t want them throw their arms out.


The dribble pass is used to quickly pass the ball with one hand off of the dribble. This can be an air or bounce pass. You’ll see Steve Nash do this all of the time.


A behind-the-back pass is when you wrap the ball around your back to throw the ball. It is used to avoid the defender when making a pass across the front of you would be risky. It can also be used to throw the ball to a player trailing on the fast break.

I would not recommend to use this pass during a game until heavily practiced.


This is a pass that is used when the defenders double-team or switch on the pick and roll. If dribbling to the right, your left side is facing the target and you bring the ball up from your right side to throw the ball overhead to the screener who has either rolled to the basket or popped to the perimeter. The pass is used to shield the ball from the defender, and many times is thrown in “hook shot” fashion. Advanced players can do this while slightly fading away from the defender.

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